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Everything you ever wanted to know about yours truly.

I'm Abbey. I was born on a Tuesday (you know what that means). I spent most of my growing up days in Oklahoma (go ahead... where the wind comes sweeping down the plain). I actually really love Oklahoma so don't start your first conversation with "Oh, I bet you're glad you got out of that hell hole" or something comparable.

I went to school the great nation of Texas and graduated with a degree in Computers - which I chose because I was good at fiddling with them and it was one of the few degrees that required no Chemistry or Biology. I took a job before graduating with a pretty rad company working in the Environmental MIS practice configuring software for big wigs and suits.

Blah blah blah.

So I got bit by the travel bug early in 2007 and after spending 3 months backpacking Europe by myself after I graduated college, I realized that I wasn't going to be able to stop anytime soon. I've been plotting for the past 2 years how to make the plunge into full-time travel and boarded the plane on the road to nowhere on January 15, 2010.

I've been blogging in various places since 2007 and most of those entries have been migrated to this new fangled site. I started out more as a travelogue or a personal journal, but after traveling for long periods of time, I realized that there is little material out there for female travelers who want to travel the world, on a budget but not smell like a dirty hippie. So, that's what I try to provide here.

I write for myself mostly (and for my mom, Hi Mom!). I really enjoy writing funny shit and then going back and laughing at how funny I am. I have a sense of humor that not many people agree with. If you're easily offended, this blog is definitely not for you. Mostly, I just hope I will provide you with some travel tips or advice that you can use on your own journey. Feel free to use any of the contact links to the right to get in touch with me, or e-mail me directly. If you still want to know more about me, check out the FAQ section, My Bucket List or shoot me an e-mail.