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(in)Frequently Asked Questions


Well, primarily, this blog is for my own personal enjoyment and the enjoyment of those who have actually met me in cold blood.  Anyone who has actually met me must subscribe to this blog because if you don’t, you’re a terrible friend – done deal. The second tier of people who should follow this is anyone who I would qualify as a “normal nice human.”  Basically, if you like puppies, kittens, small ponies, beer or cheese, you fall into this category.  If you do not like one of the aforementioned objects, you are a terrible person and I don’t’ want you following anyway. Lastly, this blog attempts to give some light to those looking to travel frugally (aka budget travel – for those of you with no vocabulary), anyone looking to travel long term by themselves (solo travel), cool chicks like myself looking for a more meaningful vacation or any combination of these.  Also if you fit into any of the following categories, you may also want to push the little subscribe button

  • You have to sit on your suitcase before you can zip it close
  • You spent $800 on those black Jimmy Choo’s and like hell you’re going to leave them behind for a month
  • You’re a cat lady
  • You’re a bag lady (shit, most of this advice actually applies quite well to the homeless community)
  • You are a travel addict but have recently realized that in order to sustain said lifestyle, you will either need to start traveling cheaper or pick up 6 more shifts at the local Pottery Barn


Mmmm pie. I do love pie. Now. Normally, I would say chocolate pie.  But considering that for the 5 minutes before I answer this question, I have been drooling over some baked apples sitting in the oven, I am going to say a nice warm apple pie with ice cream is the best of the world.  Unless, you were asking what kind of pie I like as some sort of metaphor… In which case… If you’re referring to what kind of manpie I like… well that would be the tall-dark-beautiful-smart-funny-Gerard-Butler-look-alike Pie (I sort of screwed the whole metaphor there, but what kind of pie would that honestly be… I guess it would be a large chocolate banana pie with pretty swirls on top presented to me by Gerard Butler… in the nude).

A lot. Early in the morning (aka anytime before noon), a strong Irish coffee, sunshine and a blank slate.  Afternoon, I am usually inspired by the promise of a happy hour and a plan for dinner. In the evening, I am inspired by beer. Anytime of the day: music, art, funny people, people living the dream, the ocean, vastness, faith, love, laughter.


I guess I’m not really that cool.  Feel free to submit a question here.  If you’re lucky, your question may be featured on my weekly “Dear Gabbey” column and if you’re REALLY lucky (aka if I think I’m exceptionally clever and witty when answering your question) it may end up on this page!