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Giving Thanks

map tulsaLocation: Tulsa, OK, USA

The trip home for Thanksgiving has been great. I've spent a lot of time catching up with old friends, hanging out w/ the fam and plenty of time at Brookside Bar.

I visited Tracy's baby boy JJ which was exciting. We went to Thanksgiving dinner at Nana's house which is always entertaining. Afterward, me, Kristin and Grant headed to Brookside to meet up with Brody and Dave and spent the night seeing the same people who are always on Brookside and then capped off the night with some quality time in the hot-tub. The rest of the weekend was filled with a lot of football and not a lot else. Me and dad got up early to drive to Norman to tailgate before the game. Although my cowboys lost, the game was still fun and we got out before it started to get too ugly. The Kansas/Missouri game was bittersweet. I couldn't really figure out who I wanted to win. I really wanted Kansas to finish out the year, but I guess now that ball is in Missouri's court; which I guess I'm okay with.

All in all, a successful trip home. I got a lot of shopping done for my trip and also found out that my family is going to meet me in the UK for Christmas so I won't be alone after all!! I'm so excited that they will be there and really can't wait for all of this to start.


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The Official Road Begins

Location: Austin, TX, USA

Thanks everyone for logging in. I'm so excited about my trip and I'm so excited about this site that's going to allow me to keep up with everyone really easily. I'm going to start documenting my trip now and will include my trip home for Thanksgiving and to Los Angeles for EDSG's Christmas Party.

Bookmark this page now so you can easily access it. I'm going to be placing a link in my facebook profile as well so if you forget, you can access it there.

Leave me a message on the Message Board if you would like, I would love all the interaction I can have!!

Thanks for being with me through everything, I can't wait til we get to start the real journey!!



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