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Hey... I'm Czech

map PragueLocation: Prague, Czech Republic

Oh man, have I been taking the warm weather for granted. After my nice city bus, airport shuttle, plane, city bus, metro connection that I took this morning to get here, I finally arrived in Prague at about 12:30... and it's COLD!!!

The travel was decent. Not too many problems on the way. The plane ride was beautiful. We flew right over Switzerland and the alps which were so pretty. They seemed to go on forever. Everything was white. And so many of the mountains were so covered in snow that you couldn't see the rocks at the top. I mean, plateaus of snow so big and so untouched. I also saw a few places where there were avalanches and you could see the lines where the snow had fallen down the mountain. It was great. And then, just as quickly as they had started, they were gone. And we were flying over very flat, very green land. The flight was quick as well and the directions to the hostel were very easy to follow so I was here in no time.

On the flight, I had this great idea that I was going to extend my trip by a day and just do now, what I had originally planned to do from Prague before I changed my trip to go to Florence first. Even if I didn't extend by a week, I could spend the next 7 days doing eastern Europe and then head to Rome. I would still have plenty of time. But then as soon as I got on the ground... and realized how cold it was (which it's really not even that cold) I decided to screw that idea.

After dropping off my bag, I walked up the hill behind the hostel to this cute little park where there was a dog park and tons of people. From there I walked down to the center of old town down a really neat shopping street. I walked past the National History Museum as well a really old theater. At this point, I was frozen and hungry so, feeling a little home-sick I popped into a Subway to get a sandwich (hey if I'm going to eat American fast food at least I could be healthy about it). So I eat my turkey and ranch sandwich (the ranch was NOT ranch and I only got like 1.5 slices of turkey) and walked back out to realize that I was still frozen and needed to (at the very least) go home and put my long underwear on.

So I caught the metro back to my hostel and stopped on the way at a supermarket to grab a fresh jar of nutella and some other necessities (including peanut butter, apples, bananas, lemon wafers, bread, salami and cheese) and headed back to make myself a little feast. The salami turned out to be a kind of bologna tasting mess of meat but the cheese turned out to be Gouda so it was all good.

I'm back pretty early so there's not much going on yet, but this place is supposed to be one of the rowdiest places in Prague, so hopefully it will pick up here soon. For now, I'm off to have a nutella and banana sandwich :) Yummm!!!


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Reader Comments (1)

Be sure while in the slavic countries to keep an eye out at graveyards, lumberyards and gardencenter type nurseries for the name Kopecek or Elefant or Dudek.

Kopecek was Grandma Mayfields miden name, her dad was a horticulturist. Dudek is the name of the man her mother married after Kopecek died. Elefant is Great Grandma Marie Elefant Kopecek Dudek's maiden name.

Also, remember, none of them ever went back and I wouldnt when I was there because it was so hard to get back out and my fear was I would get stuck there and grandma would be devastated because they escaped to America to get away from there.

I dont have any names of towns. Grandma Mayfield was actually born in Hungary. The graves in Willow, Ok are written in Polish, so Karen and I have not had any luck deciphering them.

There is also a Karl Dudek that became a famous basketball player.

Just thought you might want to look a little for your deepest roots while traveling.

Love and prayers

January 27, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterAunt Cheryl

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