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4 Damn Good Reasons You Should Go to Brooklyn, New York

Every day in the United States of America, people come from all over the world to New York City. Weeks can be spent wandering the streets of midtown, strolling the walking paths in central park, ferrying yourself across the various rivers and bays surrounding the city and stuffing your face with hotdogs and 99¢ slices of piping hot pizza. Oh yes, you could even easily spend a whole week in New York City and never leave midtown.

And what a shame that would be.

As a first time visitor to the Big Apple, I get it. I really do.

But for those of you who are on rounds two and three. Shame on you.

Let me help you with some baby steps.


I’m not going to pretend here to be an expert. There are many bloggers out  there specializing in all of the details of Brooklyn: it’s amazing food, plentiful pubs, beaches, busy streets and adorable neighborhoods. No, simply search Google and you will find a plethora of opinions, suggestions and reviews beyond anything I am capable of.

My job here, is just to convince you to step outside your comfort zone and make the trek across the East River. And as such, I will give you 4 damn good reasons you should go to Brooklyn.

DGR #1 – To Get Out of Manhattan

We’ve all been there. First you went to the top of the Empire State Building. Then you went to the top of 40 Rock. Then you went to the top of some random bank so you could get a glimpse of the construction on the World Trade Center memorial. Tops of things, big crowds, scary yellow taxi cabs that run over old ladies and usually won’t stop for you anyway (yes, they can tell from 3 long blocks away that you’re not a local). Manhattan is amazing, but it can be exhausting and overwhelming. Enter Brooklyn. A close neighbor, a short subway ride over, and suddenly you’re on the beaches of Coney Island enjoying a soft pretzel or you’re strolling down the quaint streets of Williamsburg. Brooklyn is generally quieter, less crowded and more friendly than it’s short island neighbor and can give great respite for those seeking even a couple hours of horn-honk free strolling.

DGR #2 – Because Beer is a Tiny Bit Cheaper

Ya, ya, whine bitch whine. Booze is expensive in New York. Those be the facts, kids. But the great thing about Brooklyn, is that even though you will still likely pay more than you would have at home, you will generally pay less in Brooklyn than Manhattan. Many bars will have beer/shot specials with a themed beer and shot combo for $5 – a steal, IMHO. Brooklynites also tend to be a fan of the PBR (or at least, it would seem that way as it’s on every menu I’ve stumbled upon) and as us Americans know, PBR is chu-eap. Usually you can find PBR in cans for $2-$5. Did someone scream bargain?

DGR #3 – Best Skyline Views of Manhattan

I’ve mentioned this on several occasions, but I will mention it again. My absolute favorite place in the world to catch a glimpse of the stellar skyline views Manhattan has to offer are right across the East River on the West coast of Brooklyn. Aside from areas like the Navy yard, most west coast Brooklyn neighborhoods have streets that run right up to the water and some even with parks and physical access to the river. Yes, like Kramer, you too can dip your toes in the drinkably clean waters of this famous rio.

DGR #4 – Because Brooklyn Culture Kicks Ass

Brooklyn is such a diverse and incredible place to go to. You can find everything from Hassidic Jewish neighborhoods, quaint suburban looking lined up brownstones and even the supposed “birthplace” of the hipster movement. There is a great music scene; hundreds of excellent small music venues with shows every night of the week.  There is great shopping and excellent food. There is really nothing that Brooklyn doesn’t have to offer.

And even though it only takes venturing off the beaten path by a few train stops, people ignore this neighbor in favor of it’s more famous cousin on a daily basis. Don’t discount the BK, get yourself on a train and head east, my friends. Brooklyn does not disappoint.

This is a sponsored post. If you’re planning on going to Manhattan or Brooklyn, visit the Jetabroad website for cheap flights to New York and many other destinations worldwide.

No, really. Check it out.

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