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A Year in Review – Because when someone tells me to jump off a cliff, I do.

I like stereotypes, I like following in other people’s wakes and I like copying other people’s ideas and calling them my own. So it can be no surprise to you that I am doing a Year in Review post, like every other blogger out there. However, mine is better because I am funnier and more interesting than everyone else out there (except the Bloggess, Megan and Aunt Becky – none of whom did a Year in Review post so I have no competition - hmm... maybe I should take a hint from them, with their oober-successful blogs... nah).

I will be giving awards to myself and my own life and select few people that I like. Self centered, yes. But this is a blog primarily about me, so it seems fitting.

Country I lived in the longest this year:
Spain. Congrats Spain! You held my attention the longest this year. A close honorable mention goes to Ireland for attempting to real me in. But unfortunately, a case of the crazy roommates left me wanting more. And more, I found.

Thing that made me laugh the most:  Antonio’s rooster call. Every week this made me die a terrible laugh induced death. It was at its all time highest the night that our dear drunk groupie Ernesto dressed in a flamenco dress and followed Antonio with his rendition of a turkey while doing the worm. Honorable mention goes to a drunken conversation about sexual intercourses I had with Joel & Dave one very late night on gchat.


Friend(s) who loved me the most this year:
B Lee and Emmy Lee. Because they flew half way around the world just to see me (and for no other reason). Honorable mention goes to my roomies in Greenpoint for letting me sleep on their couch (aka my studio apartment) for WAY too long.


People I met who I liked the most in a non-sexual way – not to say I wouldn’t, I just didn’t:
It’s a three way tie with Dave, Joel and Diana. These people make me happy on a daily basis and if you don’t follow their blogs, you should. End of story. Honorable mention goes to my BFF Clair in Spain whose dirty mouth makes mine look like a Mr Clean commercial.


People I haven’t met who I liked the most in a non-sexual way:
Jimmy Fallon. Who may not know it but we have a twitter relationship. And I like to watch videos of him while I’m in bed. @jimmyfallon you are my soul mate, so DM me already! Honorable mention would have gone to Hugh Jackman or his brother, but then I met them. So they get no award.


Biggest mistake I made this year (in a non-sexual way):
Booking a tour through This Is Valencia. Because I ended up sleeping in a parking lot on a t-shirt soaked in tomato sauce for most of it. Honorable mention goes to  assuming that since Lisbon, Portugal is a coastal city, it’s got a beach. Sorry guys. I messed that one up.


Best travel blog of 2010:

Mine. Duh. Honorable Mention: Well. There is none. Because I can’t pick. So I’ll just list the only 7 blogs that remained on my RSS reader at the end of the 2010 year. These people are the only travel people whose blogs didn’t annoy me to the point of unsubscription last year (In No Any An Undisclosed Particular Order).


What’s Dave Doing
The Aussie Nomad

The Adventures of D

Almost Fearless

Freedonia Post

The Jungle Princess

Thom and Sean’s Travel Adventures

Happy New Year! Can’t wait for 2011 and what it brings for us!

Reader Comments (8)

Yay I made the abbey list. My life is now complete and I can safely retire to the back shed where old people make things and drink beer.

If only I'd been in London when you called so that I could have had the chance to make the pin up calendar.

January 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterChris

@Chris - I'll reserve January for you in the 2011 calendar. Feel free to take some smokin' hot pictures in ski gear for me between now and next December. Thanks for not sucking last year!

January 3, 2011 | Registered CommenterAbbey Hesser

Noo way!! I'm so honored, since I, you know, have no idea what I'm doing. BUT -- I'm redesigning my blog now for Vegas. Don't you want to come out here and make a guest appearance? Especially since we probably met in the elevator in Santa Monica a million times... LOVE the pic of Diana, Dave and Joel!!! Girl, THANK YOU!!

January 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAbby

Abby (not Abbey) - you think you love that pic? I'm considering making it my avatar. And full-size on my about page. Perhaps signing up for online dating and using it there. And of course getting it printed out on a 100" canvas, framed and sent to my parents to hang on their wall. If a photo like that doesn't give them a reason to be proud of their son, then obviously nothing ever will......

Abbey (not Abby) ... wow. I'm honoured. I think. Nobody (and really, I mean nobody) has ever honoured me with comedy blonde locks in a blog post before. I'm a little disappointed that my tits are nowhere near as impressive as Joel's, but really, he's always had a much nicer set than me.

And the fact that my demented ramblings still make the cut in your RSS reader is fucking amazing heart-warming. Although I suspect it may not be because of the wonder of my prose, but more because I seem to have mentioned you about 20 times since August and as a wise woman once told me, it's all about Abbey, all the time...... :-D

Have an amazing 2011, you big geek sexy thing ... time for another drunken Skype catch up soon hey?

January 3, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDave

@Abby (not me) - I don't care what you're doing, love. I want to know more! Can't wait to see the new site design and I know you'll find tons of things to blabber about while you're in Vegas. Visiting you is absolutely on my to-do list for the spring. See you soon!

@Dave - Thank you for lighting up my day. I'm sorry that I didn't make your breasticles large enough, I'll work on that for next time (oh yes, this is something I'm thinking of doing on a more regular basis). You definitely made the cut because you feature me all the time. But I also have faith that your writing will improve, so I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt (don't let me down). Will drunk dial you soon, thought about doing it the other night, but I was emotional drunk and I figured I'd spare you the heartache.

January 5, 2011 | Registered CommenterAbbey Hesser

Move back to NYC.

.... I'm waiting for you to move back now.

January 7, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAlexis

I, for one, have now resigned myself to fantasizing about my own breasts when I'm in the shower.

Thanks for the kind words, my dear. Now I have to f'ing write more and try to live up to your praise. Dammit.

Australia. April 15 - May 15 (or thereabouts). Be there.

January 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJoel

@Alexis - Alright. So. The whole "moving" back to NY is likely not going to happen. But I am planning on a couple weeks in February. Have you moved into your new place yet? I can't WAIT to see what you do with the space. I'm sure it will be all over your blog, but I want to see it in person before I get shipped back to Spain!

@Joel - Joel. Your breasts are beautiful. And I don't blame you for using them as your inspiration. I will not be in Australia from 4/15-5/15. That one is just way, not possible. I would say I will 80% likely be in Spain then. If I am not in Spain then, then the Spanish government REALLY sucks and I am likely hiding out in some non-Schengen country. I will miss reuniting with you and Dave tho. Make sure and have lots of threesomes without me.

January 8, 2011 | Registered CommenterAbbey Hesser

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