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My favorite ride to take people on

I spend 90% of my time on a horse. So it can come as no surprise that my favorite tour of San Ambrosio is a horseback bar crawl. Some of the best views in town can only be seen via hike or horse, so I dragged my parents to the barn while they were visiting for a little horseback fun. My mom rides, my dad does not. That was very apparent as the day wore on.

The view from the top of the windmills with Africa and the Med in the background

I was originally going to draw a map of this little ride, but I found out very quickly that it looks like absolutely nothing when drawn on the paper because it's in the middle of nowhere and there are no roads. #fail

So instead, you will have to settle with my word rambles supplemented by pictures. If you've been on this trail you know.

We started out by turning down the road towards the dovecote. After taking the left at the dovecote down the terrifying windy hole filled road, crossing the little river and back up the big hill, you walk around the sunflower field (which seems to almost never have sunflowers in it) and follow the main (dirt) road up through the farm.

From there, rather than take the road down the typical windmills path past the three pig's houses. Instead you keep going up (follow the sound of the windmills, if you aren't sure which way) and walk through the wheat fields up to the top of the hill between San Ambrosio and Vejer de la Fronterra. From here, you can literally walk next to the screaming windmills which is a pretty awesome fete.

From here it's an easy walk down the road back to the Yellow Brick Road and a quick tie-up and stop at Miguel's. And then Luis. And then Antonio's. Ok so to be completely honest, the only scenic part of the trip is the part up to the windmills, but the barcrawl is my favorite part.

Anyway. The 'rents did alright. Dad was hilarious. At one point, Polly started trotting down the road by El Palomar and he actually starting screaming "woah-oh-oh-woah-oh-oh-oh" in rhythm with her trot steps. But all in all, they did great. And if nothing else, I got a good barcrawl out of it!

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WOW what a place to go for a ride!

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